Welcome to Up Yer Kilt’s new magazine website,

I hope you like this magazine. I have wanted to start this project for some time now and finally have had the courage to go ahead. The reason the seed finally germinated was after reading some old detecting magazines and
drooling over some of the finds in England & Wales, it occurred to me that there wasn’t a single report or mention about Scotland. Does nobody detect or find things up here? Well yes they do you only have to look at David Booths torcs or Toddy’s gold medieval ring brooch to confirm this as they are both very special finds.

So sitting down at the computer one day I began a list of things I would like to find while detecting and when I had finished dreaming of all these lovely things I was going to find I put at the bottom of the list a Scottish magazine just for us Scots and anyone else with an interest in detecting our fine land. The idea was born.

The idea lay dormant in the back of my tiny brain till one day while talking to friend online about the dig we had just been on, I stated “there should be a Scottish magazine for us” and he said well “why don’t you?!  I will help” so that was the birth of  “Up Yer Kilt”.

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